Lincoln High School - Class of 1963 Reunion


Searching For...


Over the past several months, we have found mailing addresses and/or e-mail contacts for one hundred forty-three (143) of our classmates.  We still have not located addresses for sixty-seven (67) of our classmates.  If you have any contact information for any of the following persons, please forward it to either Debra Jones at [email protected] or Pat Sebron at [email protected]:


William Allen

Joyce Beach

Rita Bolick

Donna Brady

Louise Cassaro Barone

Margaret Cherry Gregory

Eveleyn Condren

Lorraine DeMartino

Maryann Devito

Luzell Elliott

Allison Frazier

Geraldine Galloway

George Garden

James Gaskin, Jr.

Lynn Gothelf

Lizzie Gresham

Loretta Gordon

Geraldine Hawryluk

Constance Hayden

Mary Ann Higgins

Laraine Hill

Penny Hinckley

Mariann Horton Ciano

Margaret Hrunka Diamon

Brenda Ann Jackson

Robert Kaplan

Patricia Kascic

Sandra Kubetin

Marie Lashley

Donna Lehman

Thelma Little

Julia Mack

Marianne Madaras

Mildred McCall

Marjorie Ann McCullum

Diane Mitchell

Margaret Moylan

Patricia Murphy

Mariann Norman Rufle

Nilda Pabon

Dara Pidorodecka

Ann Marie Pipoli-Campbell

Madeline Poggioli

Josephine Popovich

Nadia Potoczniak

Carol Ann Riepel

Otis Rolley Jr.

Carol Barabar Russ

Joanne Rutledge

Robert Sachek

Ariens Santianna

Geraldine Sarpa

Sheila Schenker Cohen

Elaine Sciscione

Lawrence Sellers

Carol Sielski Fields

Marie Suchowacka

Mary Kelley Sullivan

Louise Tamkutonis Rogers

Annette Tanzillo

Betty Jo. Ulavich

Mary Jane Warning

Alvin Williams

Lorraine Wisowaty

Gayle Ziff

Dorothy Zjawin

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